Batley Partners is a design focused, architecture, interior and graphic design consultancy, with its main office in Johannesburg.

With this background, Batley Partners has set out to assemble colleagues in the design and architectural field of similar philosophy and intent, who through their passion and ability promote design awareness, forward thinking built environments and exciting developments that contribute positively to improving the quality of modern life.

The portfolio of work currently communicated, illustrate mainly upscale commercial retail and residential developments which are articulate, practical and fundamentally aware of their socio economic environments and commercial responsibilities.


The company set up in the second quarter of 2005 to focus on design demands that the vast growth in the construction sector has experienced in emerging economies over the last few years. The company’s first years of operation are reflected in this collection by way of the variety of projects, illustrated in terms of an amalgam of scale, budget, location and typology, and are connected through their respective architectural intentions. The firm attempts, through the medium of projects, to preserve an enchantment for the process of design and the excitement associated with the fulfillment of the built form. With an international staff compliment of almost 80 individuals, projects are approached with a commitment to the sincerity and intent or “cause celebre” of the development requirement. The role of the building in the macro economic and social milieu, are the generators influencing the initial conceptual philosophy of all projects.

As principal, Edmund Batley initiated the founding of “Batley Partners” after being responsible for the successful design and implementation as either Design Director/Lead Architect in his tenure with various international firms. From KNSM Eiland residential complex in Amsterdam to Mega Mall shopping centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, Ria Bintan Golf Resort Complex in Bintan, Indonesia, Regent Heights Condominium complex in Singapore and Monte Casino Entertainment Complex in Johannesburg amongst others, his experience is a variety of large developments which have a broad cultural influence from a worldwide perspective.


Specializing in contemporary architectural philosophy, Batley Partners delivers elite, tailored buildings and environments of the highest quality founded on a strong conceptual base in sectors ranging from retail, commercial and residential mixed use leisure environments. Batley Partners is committed to building urban environments of distinction. Its bespoke designs are achieved through the belief that each building or urban development should have a core ‘idea’ and individuality that sets it apart from others.

Batley Partners seeks to identify each project as an organizing principle of the design process. By focusing on this, each endeavor and intent is seen as bespoke contemporary and regionally contextual architecture.

The ever increasing rate and requirements of built environments, demand creative solutions which question the status quo and inform the public realm with thought provoking, engaging environments which raise the quality and sophistication of our modern lifestyles.

In addition to being practical, user friendly environments, which are commercially successful property investments, projects undertaken are guided by design goals which set them apart and insure their competitiveness in the marketplace. Projects, regardless of size, are guided by a set of collective efforts to provide unique, fresh and sought-after goals.

In an environment of ever increasing demand for photo-realistic rendering and pixel-perfect imagery, Batley Partners delivers graphics of the highest quality. With dedicated visualisers and graphic designers specializing in architecture and design, conceptual creations are brought to life through clear, comprehensive and accurate renderings. These renderings are provided consistently throughout the design and documentation process to aid investment decisions and instruction processes.

The company values design innovation in all spheres and typically does not enter competitions of any sort unless specifically requested to do so by clients of industry appropriateness. The office attempts to achieve the ideals of a measured, reliable, sophisticated and discrete design innovation delivery service of the highest quality.


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