Star Gazers Lodge

Client name

Nyala Trust

Project value


Lodges are sunken into the earth ensuring the incorporation of the landscape into the design of the building. The earth flows up and around, blurring the line between the outside and inside of the unit. This integration connects lodge users with the environment. The elongated shape of the lodge takes full advantage of landscape views. The view is the main focus in the living area; this is achieved through the design of a ‘glass box’.

A glass wall and roof expands the boundaries of the unit creating an open and airy feel which allows occupants to feel like they are living within the landscape. This extensive use of glass draws the eye towards the expansive views beyond west and east bedroom windows.

The stone walls on either side of the lodge assist in providing the lodge with desired privacy and isolation. By controlling placement of windows, lodge occupants are secluded within their own lodge and cannot look into others.

The raising of the landscape around the building also increases the privacy ratio. The materials from which the lodge is constructed should be available in Tanzania. The stone walls assist in the idea of the building blending with the landscape whilst the glass and steel juxtaposes the idea of a rustic structure. The buildings are modern and contemporary; this ensures occupants a lodging experience that is out of the ordinary, with modern comforts in a natural setting.

The lodges are solar powered; with panels installed directly onto the roof. These provide electrical energy and heat the lodge water supply. Other sustainable ideas include thermal regulation, through the design of the thick stone walls and having the lodge slightly sunken into the earth. The internal environment of lodge can thus be controlled, consistent and comfortable.