Dawn Park Shopping Centre

Client name

Eris Property Group and Buna Group

Project value



April 2015

Community convenience centre with high visual impact

Located in the neighbourhood of assassinated political stalwart, Chris Hani, this centre was, from the outset, primarily to service the needs of the local previously disadvantaged community. As a result, the unusually linear shaped site attempted to draw pedestrians in and then distribute users as effortlessly as possible along protected and shaded walkways.

The two main anchors were set up at either extremes of the site and the in-between shops became very community oriented – a butchery, bank, fast food and furniture – all serving to encourage community interaction. A small lead-in mall to the main supermarket also encourages seating and sheltered interaction.

The visibility of the shops and the centre is kept very open and welcoming; the canopies leaning back in gesture and surfaces treated with an array of colours to engender energy and movement, while still providing an aesthetic of quality and sophistication. An affordable, safe haven of good quality shops has resulted in a centre of which all neighbours are proud and willing to be participants in as a local space of interaction.