Red Sea Mall

Client name

Red Sea Mall Properties

Project value

US$ 10,000,000


January 2008

Completed in late 2006, Red Sea Mall has become the largest shopping centre in Saudi Arabia. Located in an up market suburban area equidistant between the CBD and the airport, Red Sea Mall is a super-regional retail centre for the macro metropolitan area of Jeddah. Conceived as a multi-use development situated in the city’s main arterial, King Fahad Road, the site is a city block, accessible from all sides.

They hypermarket and hotel/apartment facilities are situated facing the nearby coastline while the main façade and drop off area faces the main highway. The two main elements of the building constitute the front curved glazed screen which is a communicative feature for advertising, signage and lighting, and the central glazed rood with intersecting curved boulevard. Both these set up the hierarchy for the building.

Due to its size, the building is broken up into boulevards and avenues, much like a microcosm of a city.

The malls (avenues and boulevards) are spacious and pull patrons through from one pool of space to another. Entrance courts are linked to promotions Courts while the two main cross arteries are multi-volumed and encourage vertical circulation between floors. Vertical circulation nodes are located centrally and at the entrances of the malls adjacent to anchor tenants.

Contemporary materials such as plexiglass, aluminium, timber and fritted glass are all used to create a large urban internal environment that is conductive to a lifestyle of leisure activities in an environment where the external conditions are not conductive to external activities. In short, the mall is an internalised city of high quality and high interactive entertainment content.