Hobart Road

Townhouse development has seen incredible growth in South Africa over the last few years. Having come through this, buyers are now requiring properties that distinguish themselves from others and provide added value to their sectional title land through special features and design.

The concept used on this steeply sloped East facing site, was to provide maximum exclusivity and privacy to units within their communal development. Each “pack” of 3 levels of units is distinguished by two sandstone fin walls that rise up high above the last storey acting as bookends to hold the internal space within sheets of clear glass providing an articulation to each mass of open living areas to the front and back, and solid enclosures to the sides. Entrances are accessed by a sequential process of approach; past timber screens to hide front doorways, up dedicated staircases for each individual unit. Glass facades are framed in natural full heights, aluminium sliding panels which accentuate the facades surface extent, avoiding cut out windows. Interiors utilize hardwood timber and glass screens between kitchen/dining and bedroom/living areas to accentuate interaction between spaces