Indwe Park

The Pandemic has forced all construction projects to reassess their physical, financial and end user projections–in many ways, reassessing the design brief.

The overwhelming impact that Covid has had on everyone’s lives has led to a rethink of the human condition in our built environment. Our vulnerability has become so evident that we are innately aware of the need to better preserve our heath, well-being, sense of belonging, and our relationship to the external environment.

The current property of the former SAB Building and its gardens are an ideal opportunity for this gateway location into the CBD to be celebrated and be returned to society. The proximity to the energy of Braamfontein or Joburg’s mini CBD is immediate and provides the possibility of being the much needed public interface for the approx 600,000 people that work, live and dine in the immediate area every day.

The project has always been conceived as an anteroom for Braamfontein and the CBD; a social gatherer framed by the Parktown ridge, Wits University, Liberty and Ameshoff street. The edges of the social gathering space become the activator sand interface with the street edge and welcome users into the gathering space.

There are strong elements of axes, movement and geometry that relate to the cascading site which descends from the ridge in the north down to the street in the south.



Liberty 2 Degrees


R 50,000,000


April 2022 (Phase 1)


Braamfontein, South Africa