Key West Shopping Centre

Defensive Investment Turns Communal Renewal

This existing centre was master planned over a period of five years to allow the centre to function as normally and seamlessly as possible.

The refurbishment took the form of open heart surgery and dealt with all the historical and inherited problems of the centre which was 15 years old.

Parking areas were graded to more acceptable gradients, two multi-storey parkades were added, providing more than 1 000 additional bays. All mall ceilings and shop fronts were upgraded with the various courts being given natural light in a complete aesthetic overhaul. Shop fronts were raised and modernised, ceilings, floors and columns were all completely gutted, while all entrances were demolished and replaced by high volumed, visible structures and wind lobbies.

A new food court was added with an additional lead in mall and a brand new multi-tiered gym. The water front area was completely reconceptualised to be family friendly and encourage community interaction and integrated. The energy and cross pollination of restaurant, seating area, kids play areas, cinemas, fast food outlets, amphitheatre, jetty, skate park and basketball court allow an environment to culminate as an anchor within its own right.

The refurbishment has resulted in huge growth in weekend visits and duration of visits as well as the already well-used weekly customer base. In the face of nearby competition, the centre has succeeded in performing as a much needed social collector and stabiliser within its environment.



Acucap Investments


R 350,000,000


December 2014


Krugersdorp, South Africa