Liberty 2 Degrees

Project “Bluefield”: New Office Design And Fit Out For Liberty 2 Degrees

The concept of the “Tree of Life” arose from the unusual footprint of the office space,wedged between two atriums with “connected” urban views into Nelson Mandela Square. The shape of the space resembles a tree with a wide base, along thin “trunk” which opens into a wide foliage area.

The focus was on a new spatial arrangement for an office of50 people-14 zones were created for people to have in-person or online meetings. The innovation was for the pods to facilitate varying daily activities such as having lunch, private meetings or larger public gatherings.

A variety of new materials and artwork were encouraged by the client. The use of recycled plastics in the form of100,000compressed tubes of toothpaste made up the3D ceiling feature. Floating bulkheads contained the waves of the feature and integrated LED lighting accentuated the curves of the ceiling.



Liberty 2 Degrees


R 12,000,000


July 2021


Nelson Mandela Square, South Africa