Upper Hills High Rise Develoment

A Savannah Tower

The beautiful Upper Hills area of Nairobi offers wonderful views down into the Great Rift Valley and is a wonderful inspiration for a new set of high-rise projects planned for that particular part of Nairobi. The greatest challenge appeared to be how to nurture the design of a high rise to blend in or support the natural environment.

The development brief for compact 1- and 2-bedroom apartments based on the researched needs in the city, meant that the height and density was largely controlled by parking requirements. The solid granite base of the area meant no basement could be built, and parking podiums any higher than eight storeys became impractical.

With a solid podium base, the tower soared above the valley to 35 storeys, requiring significant “lightening” techniques to break down the mass of the body of the tower. To achieve this, the plan takes the form of a “creviced” core allowing for natural ventilation all round with ventilation openings deeply set into the façade. The glazed units provide subtle colour changes around the façade while maximizing views from within. The stepped roof feature serves to reduce the perceptual mass of the tower while also serving as a framework for penthouse units and solar panels.



US$ 30,000,000




Nairobi, Kenya